This is a time like
no other
in human history

Media content, in all of its forms, is being consumed by people of all walks of life at an unbelievable rate. Even Massai warriors wear cell phones on their hips. Regardless of content, people are watching. Now is the time for innovative, high quality, content.

Country Wisdom

Filmed on location in specular mountain settings, walk the pathways along beautiful streams, on horse-back, or at the evening campfire, hosts Jim Ayer and Janice Nelson will take you on the journey of life-time utilizing some good ‘ole-fashion’ country wisdom and solid Biblical principles. Don’t miss this series. Additional programs added regularly.


Remodeling Your Life

Discover what has been misunderstood by many for centuries… it’s not about us, rather, it’s all about God. God is the solution—the only One who can lift us up, change our lives and give us victory. Shot in multiple states and more than 90 locations, this series unpacks the key to what the book of Revelation calls, overcoming.



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