About Us


Numbers 22 tells the story of the prophet Balaam as he strayed from God

The glitter of riches spoke to him more than the word of the Lord. God used a donkey to speak to this wayward soul. That’s right, He gave voice to a donkey. The donkey entered into a conversation with Balaam and helped him see his dangerous pathway.

The team serving the Ministry of Talking Donkey International believes, with every fiber of our being, that the imminent return of our Lord and Savior is close, “even at the doors.” There are few people who ‘see’ what is going on, however.

It’s time to utilize the tools that are set before us for good and not for evil. Media, in all of its forms have a powerful attraction. Now is the moment to dedicate our time, our energy, and our resources to reach the world with the Good News. People are dying—lost for eternity. Now is the time for the Donkey to speak!

Our Goal and Mission

To utilize our years of God-acquired talents for the creation of television, radio, print, and internet content so desirable and attractive that people will be irresistibly drawn to it.

Lift up Jesus to the world using all facets of media—doing all we can,

for as long as we can,
to reach as many as we can.


We utilize our friendships, connections, and contacts, around the world, to multiply distribution. The goal is to maximize the impact on hearts and lives for eternity.

From the President

Jim Ayer

Terry Cantrell and I have traveled the world together filming from Egypt to Zanzibar, from Costa Rica to Brazil, India, and beyond. For years we have captured stories that uplift the God of heaven—stories that touch and change lives.

We created Talking Donkey International because we have a burning desire to share the message of a soon coming Lord. Talking Donkey is a media ministry dedicated to sharing Jesus Christ in a unique and powerful way … out of the ordinary! Just like a talking donkey!

Like us, I’m guessing you’re tired of the same old cookie-cutter Christian programs that line the airwaves. The gospel is exciting and so should the programing be that represents our Lord… it’s time to jump out of the mold and let the Donkey talk! When that happens people will pay attention. It’s time to give the Donkey a voice.


Someone once said, “The gospel is free but it takes money to pipe it.


Jesus said in John 15:5, “for without me ye can do nothing.” We can work from dawn to dark, month in and month out, BUT unless we fully surrender to God and ask for His help and blessings—Talking Donkey will fail! Your continual prayers are needed. Please hold up this Ministry each and every day. Only through the power of God will TDI succeed.

If the work of sharing Jesus with the world is to be finished, your mission dollars, as well as your prayers, are needed to make it happen. Lives will only be saved with your financial help.