Remodeling Your Life

Discover what has been misunderstood by many for centuries… it’s not about us, rather,

It’s all about God.


God is the solution
—the only One who can lift us up, change our lives and give us victory.

Shot in multiple states and more than 90 locations, this series unpacks the key to what the book of Revelation calls, overcoming.


Celestial Plan

Was there a Celestial plan for the people of earth? Yes! Were you part of that plan?  Yes! But there was a glitch that caused a real problem. Now, there is a rescue plan that includes you.

Born Again

In order to join in the rescue-plan, you must die. How does that help, anyway? Jim explains in simple details and the costs involved.

Second Chances

You may have heard that God can do anything…there isn’t anything too hard for God BUT there is actually one thing that God cannot do. Once you learn what that one thing is, it could be life-changing for you.

Danger to Safety

There is so much love in the heart of God that he continually calls to us even when were turn from Him. He sends His people to call us time after time.


What’s the main purpose of your life? Do you have any dreams? There is a higher calling that has been placed on your life but in order to make it a reality, you must commit a

View From Above

Billy Sunday once said, “We have a God who delights in impossibilities.” That my friend, is an understatement. Allow Him to become the controlling influence in your life AND hang on. You will be amazing at what He can and will do in and through you.

Heavenly Minded

When a child picks up a snake and the father say put it down. The child thinks he is losing a toy when in fact he is losing a snake. Falling in love with God changes our reactions and changes our life…for the better!

Are You Tempted

Most of us take risks from time to time and in one way or another. BUT you may be taking a major risk right now and not even be aware of it… you need to know what it is because the finals results of your actions or inactions can be catastrophic.

Becoming Fire Proof

There will be a day when Jesus will return to earth to take His children home…those who have fallen in love with Him. The ones who remain should have understood what the requirements are  to become Fire-proof. 

Fruitful Abiding

The Apostle John was called a ‘Son of Thunder’ because of his former life. After 3 ½ years with Jesus, he was the ‘One Jesus Loved.’ He used the word abide more than all of the other Bible writers combined. Discover the power in that word.

Pressing Together

As the world seems to be falling apart and life is not what it once was, God says to “press together.” Discover the true meaning of “becoming one.”

Becoming New

The first three chapters of the Bible tell us why we ended up in the situation we are in. The last two tell us how grand things will become. But what are the middle chapters all about?

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