Urgent Needs


Lend a Hand

Talking Donkey
has urgent needs
and you can help

For a multi-media ministry like Talking Donkey International, urgent needs can vary greatly from those you might imagine when it comes to soul-winning. In our case, soul-winning means utilizing todays vast media complex for God’s purposes through state-of-the-art production equipment while being financially prudent.


Better Tools Make Better Productions

Superior tools-of-the-trade will enable us to continue producing high-quality content that attracts a world-wide audience who are becoming more desperate for reality and truth! Jesus is coming soon! This final message of hope must drive our outreach: With your help Talking Donkey can continue to be creative, and produce engaging, winsome media. The following tools-of-the-trade are needed very soon.


Fifth Wheel Trailer

If you have a used trailer you can donate, it will a huge blessing. As you know, all of TDI program production takes place outside of a studio setting. This means travel. Two of our volunteers (we are all volunteers) have trailers that will sleep several crew. We are one short. We have the truck to tow it but no Fifth-wheel. This unit would allow us to go on the road for only the cost of fuel… no motel or food costs. Distant travel means TDI will be able to capture stories and testimonies that the Holy Spirit can use to save lives.


Special Sound Equipment

God is leading us to programs that have several participants in the episode. At this time, we do not have enough mikes and specialized equipment to do the best job needed.
Cost: $1,350


Camera Accessories

At this point, our second camera does not have a way to attach the many items that must be a part of the set-up in order to record. The whole thing can become unbalanced and is hard to work with. Hence, the Tilt Cage is a metal frame that solidly attaches to the camera offering many ways to sturdily attach all of the gadgets we need.
Cost: $250

How You Can Help

If you would like to discuss these projects or any financial aspect of the Ministry please call: 530-925-9534