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January 2023

Today we see, from the pages of Scripture, why A.I. can only be an “imitation of life” at its best. Humanity is made in God’s own image, in a way that A.I. can never replicate.

What is ChatGPT? This A.I. is changing everything right now! Today we learn about it and explore some of its ramifications.

Forbes: How can we teach writing in a ChatGPT?

Fortune: Musk history

“State of the living”
Today we bring our attention to the Scriptures, to measure the Bible’s description of human life against that held in the A.I. worldview.

What is “the singularity?” What does it tell us about human longing for immortality?

Live Science Article

The InfoSpere Article

Wikipedia Article

This week we’re discussing A.I. – Artificial Intelligence! What does it look like when science fiction enters into reality, and what divine implications might it carry?

CNBC article

Smithsonian Mag

In the aftermath of Damar Hamlin’s recent cardiac arrest during an NFL game, we saw an outpouring of spontaneous prayer from even unlikely sources, indicating that Americans are more spiritually-minded than the popular culture would suggest. God’s people are crying out for The Good Book in an increasingly post-Christian world.

Prayer for Damar Hamlin

To conclude our apologetics about humanist objections to the Bible, today we answer objections regarding some prophecies in Scripture.

Reasons humanist reject Bible

Today we continue to answer humanist objections to the Bible, this time in the New Testament.

Reasons humanists reject Bible

Why is there such hatred for the Bible? Today we examine some objections to Old Testament passages made by a humanist organization.

Reasons humanists reject Bible

This week we’re talking about the Bible. Why is society both crying out for more Scripture and also avoiding it like the plague?

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Incoming Representative sworn in on comic book

Is there a prophetic aspect of all that we’ve discussed this week? What might be still to come?




Today we conclude the study of Daniel chapter 7 which we began yesterday.

And now we learn there is a tell-all memoir coming? Could there be a deeper reason why there seems to be so much chaos surrounding Benedict’s recent death?

Daily Mail - Pope Benedict

Today we examine Pope Francis’s prayer for the late Pope Benedict against principles in the Bible.

Daily Mail - Pope Francis

The pope emeritus has died! Today we look at the legacy of his life and ministry, and the effects his death may have on the Catholic Church.

Slate.com - Pope Francis

Every movement throughout time want to recruit the children, of course, and God’s church is no different. But God doesn’t ONLY want the children: He wants even adults to become like children again!

Wikipedia - Hitler Youth

Wikipedia - Cultural Revolution

Wikipedia - Opera

US Army - Jr ROTC article

Here we visit the ruins of ancient Megiddo in Israel to crystalize the problem of the church’s silence on maters of the life and welfare of children.

Daily Wire article

How are child sexual abuse and the worship of Molech related problems? Is it possible we are repeating (avoidable) mistakes of the past?

Daily Wire article

Chabad Aritcle

Violence against children has been a tactic of the devil since the beginning.

Daily Wire - Pandemic Study

Our children are under a6ack. What could be the devil’s purpose in denying children education?

New York Times Article

December 2022

Here we study “the king of the south” from Daniel chapter 11 to reveal the force at work behind all that
we’ve discussed throughout this week.

Bible Ask Article

How does the “war on Christmas” factor into all of this? What’s the common link?

BlazeMedia article

What is the deeper problem behind this sudden onslaught of Satanism in our schools?

FoxNews - Virginia article

FoxNews - Satanic Temple

FoxNews - California article

How can the world expect the return of Jesus if even the church can’t agree on what it will look like?

Foxnews Article article

Wikipedia article

If the soon return of Jesus is not true, why do so many believe it is? If it is true, why do so many believe it
is not?

Foxnews Poll

Breitbart Poll

Is it okay for Christans to celebrate Christmas?

Christians Christmas - Compelling Truth.org

Here we study the birth story of Jesus in Luke chapter 2 in light of archaeological evidence from first
century Judea.

Away in a manger - Padfield.com

The manger and the Inn - Biblearchaeology.org

Who in the world is Santa Claus and what does he have to do with Jesus Christ?

Who is St Nicholas - stnicholascenter.org

Bishop Nicholas loses his cool - stnicholascenter.org

Could Christmas actually have played a major role in Biblical prophecy?

The was on Christmas - History.com

Today we examine the “war on Christmas,” in the modern media sense and historically.

War on Christmas - Politico

Narrative vs. Reality 
Babylon rising

Ordinary people can change the world for good or for evil.

Opinion The Twitter Files

The confusion in the media is paving the way for the confusion of Babylon, the devil’s kingdom, which is shortly to come.

White House Breaks Silence

Righteousness is shining ever brighter “even unto the perfect day.” We will see more uncovering of secret things as we approach Christ’s return.


Can everything be “worse than Watergate?” Here we look at some ways this phrase has been (over) used and what might be the devil’s purpose in using language in this way.

Politico Story

The Atlantic story

Mankind is searching for a utopia on Mars; how does the Bible describe a perfect world, and when and how will it occur?
What must we know about the return of Jesus Christ so we will not be deceived?
Is food shortage a sign of Jesus' soon return? Christ Himself says it is. How can we find hope in a famine?
Today we look again at the Russia/Ukraine conflict to see how we can understand Jesus' claim that there will be "wars and rumors of wars" before He returns.
Here we examine the rising murder rate in America against the "First Angel's Message" of Revelation 14.
November 2022

"In Other News": Two recent stories of high-profile murders highlight the dangers that attend certain (mis)understandings about the nature of death.

Another ghost story from Nottinghamshire leads to a study of Revelation 16 and the "unclean spirits like frogs" that we see there.


The picture of life in Genesis 2:7 helps us understand how to interpret strange phenomena like those onboard the old British warship discussed here.


A ghost story from Ghettysburgh PA takes us to a study of Ecclesiastes 9 and Revelation 12.

We begin our week's topic of Ghosts by looking at a story of a medical procedure that claims it offers evidence of contact with the dead.

"In Other News": We examine the American 2022 midterm election results and Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter as examples of shifting balances of power, in light of Daniel 2:20-21.

Here we look at the military alliance between Russia and Iran and wonder if it could be relevant to the prophecy of Daniel 11.

Here we study the "beast that rises from the earth" in Revelation 13 in light of America's political response to protests in Iran in November 2022.

Here we examine news coverage of protests in Iran in November 2022, and study a "war in Heaven" in Revelation chapter 12.

Here we discuss religious persecution and Revelation 13 in light of the Autumn 2022 protests in Iran surrounding the death of Mahsa Amini.


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